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Our technology does away with the inefficient parts of data science: by doing away with the need to iterate through models, prepare data specifically for each model, impute missing values, and tune parameters. The AI does all of that for you. Our innovative technology allows you to automatically discover important features and interactions, as well as test thousands of transformations of those features known as ensembling. Our AI pours through thousands of combinations to produce a very stable model. We’ve termed this as “mega model”. 

We give you fast and accurate predictions that you can use...NOW.

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AI orchestrated machine learning.


A revolutionary patented technology


Automated data science.


Question: You say you’re accurate, but how accurate?

Answer: The predictive technology has improved accuracy 15%-40% over other software and services in the market.

Question: How do I know my data is safe?

Answer: Your privacy matters to us. See our privacy statement.

Question: I’d like to schedule a demo, how do I do that?

Answer: We’d love to walk you through our product! Please contact us here.

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