Customer Experience Teams
Hire Addictable To
Dramatically Reduce Churn

Attracting  new customers is the most valuable investment you can make.

The second most valuable investment?

Keeping those customers!

While that objective may be clear, customers-at-risk can be hard to identify. And you need to find those people right now. 

We make those customers very visible to you. What’s your best move to keep those customers? We can help with that too! 

Why It Works

Our Robots Are Better
The robots of Addictable are powered by PurePredictive. This allows them to use advanced, intelligent algorithms – they’re stackable, adaptable and smart enough to identify the best models for every use-case. Plus, thousands of robots can be deployed at once.

Addictable can automatically deploy thousands of robots to analyze your data

The robots will build algorithms and test models and compare results until the most accurate models are developed.
As time goes by and drift occurs, our robots can adjust to the changing times and automatically update these intelligent algorithms.

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