Our Patents

We've patented the future of advanced analytics

Predictive analytics factory US 20140136452 A1

We believe that in order to compete effectively in the marketplace companies need the highest precision at the greatest immediacy possible.Our patent covers the invention of AI driving machine learning ensembling. What does that mean? It means that only PurePredictive can achieve the results of incredible accuracy that comes from data science at the speed of automation. In other words, only we can deliver the precision and speed that companies need in order to win.


User interface for machine learning US9218574B2

We frequently hear in the marketplace that combining predictive analytics with prescriptive analytics in a more usable form is the “holy grail” of advanced analytics.At PurePredictive we’ve invented technology makes accessible the power of machine learning. Among many things, our invention can empower companies and individuals to not just accurately predict how the future unfolds but to know what actions to take to maximize outcomes – and they can do it through a dynamic interface that can make that easy.

People may call it “Holy Grail”. Internally we call it “Dream UI”.

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