PurePredictive Hires Industry Expert to Lead Customer Success Efforts



This new position will support the expanding customer base as a growing number of businesses are discovering the value, speed, and accuracy of predictive analytics. Trajan Bayly, COO said, “Our customers’ success is our number one priority. I’m thrilled to add a leader of Christopher’s caliber to help them fully utilize our technology to accelerate their growth.”

Christopher comes with over 15 years of experience with SaaS and customer relationships in the IT arena. Before joining PurePredictive, Christopher owned the product direction, roadmap, definition, and delivery of several simultaneous online government applications at Utah Interactive, LLC. At Novell he managed relationships across multiple GEOs to promote a successful enterprise level software release.

Christopher holds an MBA from Utah State University and a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Brigham Young University.


About PurePredictive, Inc.

PurePredictive is a software platform company using AI to orchestrate advanced predictive modeling exponentially increasing the insights that businesses gain from their data. Through patented technology PurePredictive dramatically reduces the time required for data experts to model and deploy advanced predictive models allowing businesses to transform their data warehouses into repositories of revenue.

For more information about PurePredictive, visit Media inquiries, contact Trajan Bayly at (801) 890-5190.

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